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  • Tank
    Quite a good tank. Paired it with a Procolor for a couple of years (which survived my driving a Land Rover over it to be fair to Smok). Main drawbacks are that it almost always leaks a bit, and the coils are abysmal if you stick to their brand. Vaporesso GT coils (for the NRG) sorted it the best for coil longevity and stopping so many leaks down through the air-inlet holes. It's a 5ml with the adaptor (I'm in the EU TPD rules zone), and filling is easy. Overall I like the tank, I like the ease of use, I don't like the incessant leaking from the lid seal. It probably deserves a score of 3/5 but I'll give it 4 for its ease of use and huge cross-compatibility (a lot of different coils fit and also work in it).
  • Thumb eleaf ijust one
    Have just bought one to replace a well used Ijust Start+. So far I have put in a 0.75 GS type coil (in the sleeve provided). First impressions are, well, this is superb. Despite looking harder to clean than the 'start' (tank is sort of attached to the base) it has great promise. Flavour wise it is the best I've tried. (Out of Ijust Start+ and surprisingly Istick Pico as well). I will give it some more use and update as I get used to it.
  • Thumb eleaf ijust start
    19mm Ijust Start+: I like these. I bought one to switch from smoking. This was about 18 months ago. Bought a second to go with it a couple of months later. The first one has only just died (screw has gone in the top). I have used this device heavily for a year and a half, until now,it's survived drops, flying around the car, being dumped in a pocket with keys etc. I don't think that's bad. 0.75 coils give a good, if slightly 'tight' direct inhale vape. I tend to find the coils last longer with certain liquids but that's not unusual. As of writing these are outdated now, but I am still happy using the one I've still got. No complaints.
  • Thumb eleaf istick pico kit
    Very impressed with mine. I use a Melo 3 mini tank (swap between two). The range of coil types and resistances is enough to suit most tastes. I have played around with different coils, modes and settings and find it tends to be able to hit a 'sweet spot' for most of my preferred liquids. Battery life is on the short side I suppose, but what could I expect from the size? I think it hits the balance of price and size vs performance pretty well. I use it at home/work and carry a couple of cheaper 'stick' type vapes around when I'm out. It also looks and feels rather nice.