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  • Thumb syntheticloud aeolus lite
    I discovered this one a bit late. The Sapor made me steer clear of top airflow atomizers for a long time.

    The Aeolus Lite is pretty stellar though. The deck seems shallow but with top airflow actually holds quite a bit. The common screws are easy to tighten down and the deck is easy to build on.

    Flavor is pretty stellar. Easily comparable to the Royal Hunter or Plume Veil.

    Build quality is very nice. I'm not sure it would be worth the original asking price since it feels very light but at the current prices it's being sold for it's a steal.

    The matching wide bore 510 tip is an awesome addition. A wide bore cap is included. Unfortunately it has a ridge around the top that isn't too comfortable on the lips.

    I highly recommend this RDA especially if you're after flavor. It's among the best.
  • Thumb pioneer4you ipv 8
    • IPV 8
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    • 21/02/2017

    The IPV8 makes most of its changes in the appearance. The box is comprised of multiple angles that give it a modern design and fantastic feel. The IPV400 was basically an oval but the IPV8 somehow manages to feel more comfortable to hold. Part of that is due to the addition of leather on the outside. The black version has a suede like feel to the leather. It unfortunately captures lint and dust very easily but it feels wonderful to hold. The leather appears just glued on and I don’t imagine it having longevity without needing to be glued again. The other colors have a smooth leather that I would imagine will hold up to daily use a bit better.


    Aside from a slight bump in power the IPV8 is not going to be anything new or innovative compared to their last few mods. It uses the SX300 chip but the F8 version which extra wattage seems to be the only change. Power and TC modes seem to be fairly accurate except for SS316. DJLsBVapes suggested a .00112 TCR value and I find it works rather well. I used the .00115 TCR value he recommended for the IPV400 with good results as well.


    Due to size, feel, and function the IPV8 quickly became an easy everyday carry mod. I take it everywhere with me and I can really find no glaring faults. Like all Yihi chips the interface is a bit annoying to navigate (see different than most mods) but there is some reliability to trade off with the Yihi name. Using the TCR values recommended by DJLsBVapes (.00112), the TC continues to be the best TC I’ve experienced in vaping. My black-fury-suede-like leather is matted down and not quite as soft. The top and bottom edges are a little spongy and can be pushed up or down slightly lending me to believe the glue is loosening up. If/when it starts peeling I figure I can remove it entirely or try gluing it. While I mentioned the battery door being wobbly when open, like the IPV400, I have yet to experience an issue with it. I never had an issue with the door coming open on the IPV400 but it is definitely more secure on the IPV8.. I really have nothing of substance bad to say. Form factor and size are definitely great. Reverse polarity protection works. No firmware updates is a con I guess but I don't want to add anything either. I seems like this is the IPV that P4Y got right once again.
  • Thumb coilart azeroth
    The Azeroth is a pretty decent RDTA. It has good flavor and decent functionality.

    I despise the clap decks as I use simple coils and they seem to be more frustrating than the old 3 post style. I do get it though, in terms of using fancy coils.

    From the deck down the Azeroth is basically the same as the limitless. Side filling, easy wicking, and a glass tank on the bottom.

    The top section has tons of airflow but it's very difficult to adjust. The airflow ring is tight and thin. While there is some texture to I assume assist with adjusting, I find myself just pulling it off to adjust. The wide bore tip is pretty nice but mine barely stays in. A wisp of air knocks it out of the cap.

    When it works though it works rather well. Flavor is pretty solid and it has that Limitless signature ease of use with filling and wicking. I'll always recommend the Limitless but I would recommend this over the Mage Combo RDTA any day.
  • Thumb coilart mage
    • Mage
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    • 21/02/2017
    The Mage is a love or hate type of atomizer. You'll find as many people hate it as love it. I fall in between but a little closer to "love it".

    One main thing is to not build on the deck while it's attached to a mod. The insulator is silicone and will tear since the deck rotates if it's attached to something.

    Personally I don't build on mods so mine has been pretty golden. Right out of the box it has a bit of a cheap feel. It's lighter and feels thinner than most atomizers. After having it for a couple months I've had really no issues with it. Flavor is excellent and I like how squat it is.

    I find wicking is best when trimming the cotton to the depth of the well and then doing the troll method. Just lightly pushing the cotton up to the holes. The top cap will be very difficult to remove due to vacuum. Put it on lightly or upgrade to a different cap. The resin one I bought from Fasttech is super easy to remove and looks amazing.

    I guess the only other caveat is not being able to access the build deck with a full tank.

    In short I like the Mage. I've been very happy with it in terms of ease of wicking, reliability, and flavor.
  • Thumb wismec noisy cricket ii 25
    I've vaped for a while and ran the gamut of different devices and styles. I'm at a point where all the "bells and whistles" aren't really necessary. My first box was a OKR10 box and I wanted back into that simplicity. Then out came the NCii25.

    I have to say it fits the bill pretty well. You can use it as a mech in series or parallel but that was never really my thing. I've mostly only used mine in VV mode. It works pretty great.

    The caveats being that the 510 is a little shallow but seems to be OK 99% of the time. It seems improved over the Reuleaux devices. Also when you first put batteries in it fires at 100% the first button press. No idea why. The coating over the SS is also starting to rub away where my ring always sits against the device.

    The part that most OKR or Raptor mods miss is the battery voltage. Even fewer have a low voltage cutt off. The NCii25 has an LED light behind the button that flashes more frequently when the battery gets low. It's better than nothing but still not great. It is difficult to see outside and often I noticed the mod just not firing because the battery is low versus any indication it was low before hand.

    Either way, I am glad I picked up this mod. It holds and pockets nicely and is just simple yet functional.
  • Thumb obs engine
    I bought into the OBS Engine because I really just love OBS tanks and ECR just wouldn't shut up about it.

    The Engine has top airflow so leaking out of the bottom isn't an option. When I first got it I did manage to get a little leaking out of the top while in my pocket due to still figuring out the wicking.

    It still has the signature pop up top cap for filling so that's a breeze. The deck is a little strange in that it has to fit into little notches to tighten down. It does seem pretty big though to accommodate fancier builds.

    Flavor just seems to be slightly above average. The Crius Plus impresses me way more. However, the Engine is still comparable to the Griffin 25 or many of the other atomizers out there. True to my history with OBS it works and works better than most atomizers out there.
  • Thumb council of vapor royal hunter
    My favorite RDA. I own 4.

    The Royal Hunter is a diamond-in-the-rough atomizer for quality and flavor. Its classy looks are deceiving but it is an all-around excellent dripping atomizer.

    Council of Vapor did a lot of things right with how the Royal Hunter functions. The 4 post deck is effortless to build on. Grub screws work perfectly and there are tiny cushions below the grub screws in the posts that prevent wires from snapping off during over tightening. Post holes are plenty wide enough to accommodate typical builds, twisted coils, and clapton coils. The Juice well has the right amount of depth to hold an ideal amount of liquid without being too shallow or too deep.

    The “Wifi signal strength” airflow is adjusted using the top cap. While it’s not knurled, the o-rings provide a perfect amount of grip while leaving the top easily maneuverable. The first Royal Hunter I purchased in stainless steel was perfect, but my second in black/gold required me to bend in one fin on the top slightly to get it to turn without a lot of resistance. I think the reduced tolerance from the black coating may have contributed to this issue. The airflow looks deceivingly small but I find myself often closing off the largest slot and sticking with the 3 smaller slots. A single coil option is also available by blocking off one side of the airflow with the cap.

    With the Royal hunter you have the option of using the included 510 drip tip adapter or the included wide bore top. I generally do not vape at high enough wattage to utilize wide bore tips but the Royal Hunter’s is something special. It has a built in spit back guard that works wonderfully. Somehow this tip pulls the design of the airflow and cap together to give an awesome flavorful vape. It is the proverbial icing-on-the-cake that takes an otherwise good atomizer to fantastic.


    The Royal Hunter is a bit of a conundrum. By all accounts it looks like nothing special aside from being classy. All the features of the Royal Hunter work together effortlessly to create an exceptional vaping experience. Little touches like the padding in the posts to protect the wires, ascending airflow size, and anti-spitback drip tip are subtleties that shouldn’t be overlooked. After my first one arrived it took me less than a week to order a second and they have become my favorite atomizers to use.
  • Thumb wotofo sapor
    • Sapor
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    • 19/02/2017
    I am not blown away with the Sapor, but it is a quality atomizer. I find it’s fantastic for being out-and-about or while driving. The juice well holds enough juice to get you from point A to point B or the next light in between. I seem to always find the flavor lacking and the exhale to be dry. I enjoy the variability offered out of the box with the different sized tips and adapters. This is my first experience with Wotofo but taking into account the quality and style for the price it will not be my last.
  • Thumb cthulhu mods hastur
    The original hastur is a pretty solid little RDA. It has some quirks like a shallow juice well and air holes that blow in you face (if you blow in an RDA), The flavor though is excellent. The included drip tip is solid as well. It's a nice and compact RDA that I'll likely never get rid of.
  • Thumb cthulhu mods hastur v2
    The Hastur v1 sits in my lineup as one of my favorite flavor RDA’s. So I was more than a bit curious about the Hastur v2 as is fixes 2 of the common v1 complaints. They changed the top airflow to the side so you don’t steam your face and the build deck has more room with the Velocity style posts.

    The build deck is great to build on. It has a decent size juice well but it’s partially taken up by the positive pin and the wick from the coils. There is no single coil option.

    The airflow holes are on the side which solves the v1’s complaint of people blowing into the RDA and hot vapor steaming your face. The airflow is also quite a bit bigger than on the Hastur v1. With the modest 26g dual coil build I installed, I have to keep it roughly half closed. Due to the sculpting of the airflow slants on the inner barrel it requires some finesse to get the flavor just right. I have found the flavor is improved by closing the airflow off clockwise letting the inner barrel show on the left of the opening versus the right.

    The Hastur comes with a drip tip adapter and a wide bore drip tip. The adapter has double o-rings on it and is a bit difficult to both install and keep installed. It seems to get hung up on the last o-ring.

    The wide bore tip is both an improvement and step back. The outside edge is nicely contoured and more comfortable than the v1. The anti-spitback guard is a suspended circle which requires the vapor to enter from the sides rather than directly from the bottom. The flavor seems to suffer due to this change in airflow direction so I find myself not using it.

    A hollow 510 pin to be used on a squonking device was included but I did not use it.


    The Hastur v2 is a decent RDA especially for the price. I don’t find it to be fantastic or revolutionary but I enjoy it with my modest 40-50w vaping style. My main gripes with this RDA are the wide bore drip tip’s anti-spitback guard muting flavor, and the juice well seeming shallow due to the center pin and wick. The drip tip is easily remedied by using the adapter instead with your preferred 510 tip. Even after having adjusted to the v2 I find it doesn’t have quite as good of flavor as the v1 had. However it is a bit more refined feeling overall than the v1. It’s a functional and enjoyable RDA that I will keep in my rotation.
  • Thumb obs crius
    • Crius
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    • 19/02/2017
    The Crius has a couple features worth delving into. The first is the build deck. It’s just a great setup. Very clean and well machined. Post holes will accommodate modest coil builds but not big ones. There is a ring that holds the wick snug against the deck.
    Post holes will accommodate modest coil builds but not big ones. There is a ring that holds the wick snug against the deck.

    Wicking is very forgiving on the Crius. They recommend in the instructions stuffing it all the way down, but that didn’t work for me at all. I’ve had the best performance trimming the wick even or just below the ring. Doesn’t have to be perfect, the Crius will take it in stride.

    The build deck is easily removed from the tank to make adjustments or changes. Wicking is so easy, you’ll likely only need to use this feature to swap out the coils or wick after they wear out. There is a nice amount of knurling added between the airflow control and tank to adjust the juice flow control. Incredibly simple to turn it off and on when filling or storing in your pocket.

    Top filling works fantastic. Close the juice flow, grab the etched top cap and pull up. This exposes a giant open hole ready for filling. Glass droppers are no problem here and the space beneath is wide open and won’t spit juice back at you. Every so often after several tanks a small bit of juice will squeeze out of the edges of the cap when closing. Not even a drops worth, but a minor annoyance regardless.

    The only downfall I have found is that the top cap extends into the chimney. So after washing it well and allowing to dry, there will still be a few drops of liquid in between the chimney and top cap chimney. It makes a squishy sound and pushes drops of water out the part of the chimney right above the coils. A twisted up tissue or q-tip pushed in there while opening and closing the cap seems to clear it out.


    Now I don’t have a Griffin so I can’t compare, but the Crius is easily the best experience I’ve had thus far in RTAs. It just performs fantastically with modest builds. Flavor is excellent. Wicking is simple to master. Top fill is practically perfect. Construction and machining is on point. The only downfalls I can muster is the post holes are on the smaller end, and some water gets trapped in the chimney when cleaning. The post holes don’t matter to me with my standard 26g builds but it might to some. If you want an excellent dual coil RTA either as a beginner or veteran I highly recommend it.
  • Thumb ijoy limitless
    The Limitless provides flavor equivalent to any RDA. It included 2 twisted coils which I installed first. They spat juice a tad more than I liked. I am not a crazy coil build person anyways. Installing a simple 26g 9 wrap coil yielded excellent results comparable to some of my favorite flavor RDAs.

    I found the grub screws to be weak when trying to secure the coils. My precision driver, that has yet to fail me on other grub screws, seemed to want to round these out. I switched to a more simple coil and had less issue but some of the grub screws still seemed more shallow than the rest and more easily stripped.

    Wicking is fairly simple and easy to execute. I cut full strips off a cotton pad for each coil. Just lightly tuck the ends down into the well. The well helps hold them, as well as the wick cutouts in the deck, while you screw the top section on.

    The wide bore top cap is way too shallow to use as a drip tip for me. I wish the stubby top cap trend would die as I don’t enjoy kissing the top of my atomizer. I installed the 510 adapter and used that as an extension to provide an extra bit a height for comfort. I’ve heard the Griffin 25 drip tip works in place of the 510 adapter but mine did not fit.
    The knurling on the top cap was also too skinny to easily adjust the airflow.

    The fill hole on the side was a feature that drew me in originally for the simplicity. However, it’s a bit narrow and barely fits a dropper tip, but does still work. The long cotton wicks also block juice flow when filling which requires the patience to wait until the juice absorbs around. Much like the Crius’ top fill, it also squeezes a bit of juice out of the sides when closing.


    I’ll definitely be keeping the Limitless around. The minor quirks like juice squeezing out of the side fill and shallow grub screws are either easily remedied or ignored. The main star for me is the vape. I get great vapor and excellent flavor on a device that is incredibly easy to build and wick. It is literally an RDA with a juice bowl on the bottom. Unfortunately IJOY just released an updated version that fixes most of my gripes, but that means you can probably snag the V1 for a steal.
    Whether you go with the v1 or v2 I doubt you’ll be disappointed.
  • Thumb wismec reuleaux rx 200s
    The RX200S is the upgraded version of the popular RX200 design from Wismec. The RX200 is extremely popular and I would imagine pretty much every vaper has seen one. It has a unique diamond-ish shape due to the requirement of three 18650 batteries. The RX200S takes that same shape and design but adds a .96 inch OLED screen. The vertical screen makes it easy to see no matter which hand is dominant.

    Wismec also carried over the signature 2-tone color theme of the device with multiple colors and replaceable panels.

    The fire button has the Jaybo signature scrawl on it. Both the top and the bottom of the device is graced with the RX200 rounded triangle logo which depicts the battery orientation. The bottom has the device name and logo etched in as well.

    The RX200S is a great looking and holding device. I was apprehensive about both the style and shape, but I can definitely see why it has become so popular.


    I have to admit I never “understood” the RX200. I do get it now though. Perhaps it’s one of those things you need to experience first hand. I really like this mod and it’s probably one of those situations where I should have listened to the hype. The mod itself is nice to hold and shorter than I expected. It is not a very portable or better stated pocketable mod. However, the interface is comfortable and works very well. The build quality seems quite nice and I haven’t had any issues with atomizer errors or anything else at all. I definitely recommend adding the RX200S to your mod considerations.
  • Thumb obs crius plus
    The OBS Crius Plus takes everything that worked great in the Crius v3 and bumps up the capacity to 5.8ml while adding top air flow. I own two of the Crius v3’s so I was quite excited to find that they bumped the size up to 5.8ml. Sometimes you just need that extra bit of juice for long drives or vacations.

    I am a big fan of OBS and the Crius Plus is no exception. It’s just a great tank to use all around. The larger size and build deck is great. Flavor is better than most tanks like the Griffin 25 with equal builds. I like the subtle changes to the appearance even if they make the airflow and juice flow slightly harder to adjust. I will keep this around and likely pick up a second. OBS just makes great tanks for flavor and functionality.
  • Thumb vaporesso target mini

    There are lots of mini devices out there but I was not prepared for how small this device is. It’s comically small. All sorts of joke pictures ensued and I may have modified the classic Zoolander “school for ants” joke just a few times. Too add to the tininess I paired the device with a derringer as well.

    All jokes aside it’s a decent looking device. The Mini carries over the pistol grip theme from the full size target. Black with red accents always makes something eye catching and the Mini also has a carbon fiber wrap on the sides.

    Included in the box was the device and tank with a DL coil and drip tip installed, a fancily wrapped instruction manual, USB cable, MTL drip tip, and MTL coil.


    The Target Mini functioned best for me in regular wattage mode. I’m not a big temperature control vaper anyway. However, when I tried SS TC on the MTL Ccell coil I was met with burning taste and dry hits. Unfortunately the wattage isn’t adjustable in TC mode and instead of ramping up just pegged at 40w. Which 40w with a tiny 1.5Ω coil is not good territory.

    As a whole the Target Mini has most of the same functions as any other device. Just in a tinier package with tinier buttons.


    There are only 4 buttons on this device. A fire button which can be pressed 5 times for the standard off/on. Up and down adjustment buttons and a mode button.


    The Target Mini Kit is alright for what it is. I can see this being a good stealth mod for a night out, when you have to wear a suit somewhere, or for someone who passively vapes. For daily use it’s not very practical. It’s tiny and unwieldy to hold for someone with big hands. The battery is definitely not something that will last all day for most and I have concerns about the longevity of the carbon fiber wrap on the sides. I didn’t like the SS temperature control as you cannot adjust the wattage and the Guardian tank left a bit to be desired for me. But, if you’re after a tiny mod for whatever reason that may be, the Target Mini will fit that niche at a cheap price.