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    I love this mod! Good size oled screen, 150w of power, perfect for my needs. Few people are going to need more than 150w. I use the custom fire profile, which can ramp up or down wattage during a hit, and it works amazing. Once you're dialed in for your specific resistance, it can be much better than temp control to ramp down wattage. Using this with the Samsung 25R batteries and get great battery life.

    Great TC responsiveness for a non-DNA mod
    Great shape
    Firmware updatable
    Custom Firing Button Profile (CFBP)

    Cons: (If I want to be picky)
    Overhang anything above 22mm
    Not as popular as the Alien for Community Support
    Trigger button a little small
    Battery cover slightly loose
    Charges batteries to 80-90% and stops