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    • Cobo N.
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    • 19/02/2017
    Good quality coil but of course there are loads of clones out there. Always check the security code behind the box and punch in the codes in the website indicated to assure that the product you're purchasing is authentic. This goes for all the other brands.

    Azeroth makes it easy to build and wick on the goon style deck. A few YouTube instructional videos and you are on your way to producing one of the best juice munching, cloud producing tanks in the market. If you like that dripper type with out the dripping, you can't go wrong with the Azeroth RDTA. Just make sure you have loads of juice on hand.
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    • Harry A.
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    • 22/02/2017
    Personally I love this RDTA.
    It isn't by no means the cheapest out there and the deck screws are kinda small and lastly I don't like the fact that you can't put it in a pocket because of leaking (which is understandable)...
    BUT THE BUILDS oh my god you can do a lot on this!
    It's style is awesome and really well made, no leaking from the glass and the builds you can do on this are awesome, it comes with a 510 adapter letting you put your own driptips, but the huge ones pre-installed are very nice also and they fit it's style. Lastly comes with a nice pack and has lots of replaceable parts which is useful for everyone. I would totally recommend it! =)
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    The Azeroth is a pretty decent RDTA. It has good flavor and decent functionality.

    I despise the clap decks as I use simple coils and they seem to be more frustrating than the old 3 post style. I do get it though, in terms of using fancy coils.

    From the deck down the Azeroth is basically the same as the limitless. Side filling, easy wicking, and a glass tank on the bottom.

    The top section has tons of airflow but it's very difficult to adjust. The airflow ring is tight and thin. While there is some texture to I assume assist with adjusting, I find myself just pulling it off to adjust. The wide bore tip is pretty nice but mine barely stays in. A wisp of air knocks it out of the cap.

    When it works though it works rather well. Flavor is pretty solid and it has that Limitless signature ease of use with filling and wicking. I'll always recommend the Limitless but I would recommend this over the Mage Combo RDTA any day.