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    The Mage is a love or hate type of atomizer. You'll find as many people hate it as love it. I fall in between but a little closer to "love it".

    One main thing is to not build on the deck while it's attached to a mod. The insulator is silicone and will tear since the deck rotates if it's attached to something.

    Personally I don't build on mods so mine has been pretty golden. Right out of the box it has a bit of a cheap feel. It's lighter and feels thinner than most atomizers. After having it for a couple months I've had really no issues with it. Flavor is excellent and I like how squat it is.

    I find wicking is best when trimming the cotton to the depth of the well and then doing the troll method. Just lightly pushing the cotton up to the holes. The top cap will be very difficult to remove due to vacuum. Put it on lightly or upgrade to a different cap. The resin one I bought from Fasttech is super easy to remove and looks amazing.

    I guess the only other caveat is not being able to access the build deck with a full tank.

    In short I like the Mage. I've been very happy with it in terms of ease of wicking, reliability, and flavor.