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    The Hastur v1 sits in my lineup as one of my favorite flavor RDA’s. So I was more than a bit curious about the Hastur v2 as is fixes 2 of the common v1 complaints. They changed the top airflow to the side so you don’t steam your face and the build deck has more room with the Velocity style posts.

    The build deck is great to build on. It has a decent size juice well but it’s partially taken up by the positive pin and the wick from the coils. There is no single coil option.

    The airflow holes are on the side which solves the v1’s complaint of people blowing into the RDA and hot vapor steaming your face. The airflow is also quite a bit bigger than on the Hastur v1. With the modest 26g dual coil build I installed, I have to keep it roughly half closed. Due to the sculpting of the airflow slants on the inner barrel it requires some finesse to get the flavor just right. I have found the flavor is improved by closing the airflow off clockwise letting the inner barrel show on the left of the opening versus the right.

    The Hastur comes with a drip tip adapter and a wide bore drip tip. The adapter has double o-rings on it and is a bit difficult to both install and keep installed. It seems to get hung up on the last o-ring.

    The wide bore tip is both an improvement and step back. The outside edge is nicely contoured and more comfortable than the v1. The anti-spitback guard is a suspended circle which requires the vapor to enter from the sides rather than directly from the bottom. The flavor seems to suffer due to this change in airflow direction so I find myself not using it.

    A hollow 510 pin to be used on a squonking device was included but I did not use it.


    The Hastur v2 is a decent RDA especially for the price. I don’t find it to be fantastic or revolutionary but I enjoy it with my modest 40-50w vaping style. My main gripes with this RDA are the wide bore drip tip’s anti-spitback guard muting flavor, and the juice well seeming shallow due to the center pin and wick. The drip tip is easily remedied by using the adapter instead with your preferred 510 tip. Even after having adjusted to the v2 I find it doesn’t have quite as good of flavor as the v1 had. However it is a bit more refined feeling overall than the v1. It’s a functional and enjoyable RDA that I will keep in my rotation.