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    • John W.
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    • 02/02/2017
    What's not to love about the iCare? A small, usb rechargable, refillable device! Mouthpiece unscrews the coil, in goes a high nic juice of your choice, and you're done! Perfect for when you don't want to or simply can't carry a heavy 18650 device, or a great starter for someone who wants to quit smoking! Offers MTL and DL ability, and a newer SS coil that works better with high VG juices. If you vape, get one. If you don't vape and want to start, GET ONE!
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    Small and simple devices are making a comeback and the iCare is one of the more popular devices out there fitting the bill. The iCare is tiny, has surprisingly good battery life, and the juice lasts a reasonable amount of time. It's functional and easy to use, you simply put the juice in it's built in tank, screw in the coil, and take a drag. There are no buttons to push, no settings to adjust other than the limited airflow control, no firmware to update. I don't see it replacing my primary mods, but I use it from time to time with some menthol juice to cleanse my palette and it works very well for that. It's also great for if you're out and about and don't want to carry a larger mod around with you. The draw is tight, so if you're looking for a device with open airflow this device is certainly not for you. The flavor is weak compared to RTAs and RDAs that I have, but this should come as no surprise. It's not a flavor device, it's purely for simplicity, convenience, and size. And in those areas, it shines. If you're looking to quit cigarettes and are unsure about vaping, it may be worth checking out the iCare or it's smaller cousin the iCare Mini. They're cheap enough that it wouldn't break the bank if you decided vaping, or at least vaping with that particular device, isn't for you.

    I was tempted to give the iCare a 3 star review, but decided to bump it up a little bit since I felt like I was comparing it to things it isn't fair to compare it to. I'd give it a 3.5 stars if it were possible on the platform, but it isn't. Overall, it's a great little device. You just have to recognize it for what it is.