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    The Pico. It's small (photos don't make it justice, hold it in your hand and marvel), ergonomic and well built. Good buttons, bright display, nice sleek design. It's the one mod I always recommend to beginners who want to step up from pen styles. The TC mode works great albeit is as always a battery drainer. You might want to bring a spare battery especially if you vape at higher watts. If I absolutely must mention a con it's the way the battery case hinders you from putting atomizers thick services than 22 on. I've seen people modding it by filing it down so I don't get why eLeaf made it so fat. 24mm atomizers are becoming more and more common today.

    I can't recommend Pico enough. Whether it's for a small side-mod or you want a small single battery mod as your main you can't go wrong!
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    • Kyle T.
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    • 02/02/2017
    Honestly so far the best "pocket vape" I have use this far.

    Good quality, solid buttons, quality tank in the kit.

    My only negative is that it only fits up the 22mm tanks, so I can't use it with my RDA's as they are all 24 or bigger.

    A solid beginner vape kit. Just make sure you get some good batteries.
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    • Sam H.
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    • 26/04/2017
    Very impressed with mine. I use a Melo 3 mini tank (swap between two). The range of coil types and resistances is enough to suit most tastes. I have played around with different coils, modes and settings and find it tends to be able to hit a 'sweet spot' for most of my preferred liquids. Battery life is on the short side I suppose, but what could I expect from the size? I think it hits the balance of price and size vs performance pretty well. I use it at home/work and carry a couple of cheaper 'stick' type vapes around when I'm out. It also looks and feels rather nice.
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    • Svapo S.
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    • 13/04/2017
    Piccola e maneggievole.
    Nella.maggioranza dei casi viene utilizzata con un MELO III.
    Con una buona batteria pui tranquillamente tirare un giorno intero.
    Usandola in bypass non ha da invidiare nulla alle sorelle più grandi.