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    On first look, you could easily mistake the Eagle for a Griffin 25. It’s nearly identical in every way until you pull the base off. The glass is the same size, it comes with the same multi-colored o-rings, and the same knurling. The only noticeable visual difference is the heat treated Eagle logo that graces the inner barrel.


    There are a slew of various types of coils and combinations for the Eagle. Single coil or dual coil is a choice as well as anything from simple Kanthal to dual fused claptons and other intricate coils I’ve never tried. This is where it was most surprising to me because they work beautifully. I’ve both bought and built clapton coils and none performed as well as these. Geek Vape really did their homework on ironing out how to make these coils vape really well. The flavor is excellent from the crazy single coil and dual coil I received with mine. Better than the Griffin 25 at least from what I’ve been able to manage out of mine. The juice flows up from beneath the coil so the wicking isn’t choked by the wick channels.

    The replaceable coils are pretty handy. Need to rewick that fused clapton? Pop it out and put in a crazy single coil instead. All of the replaceable coils have posts with grub screws where you can put in your own preferred build. So it’s almost like getting a prebuilt mod with single or dual coil bases and you can keep an extra on hand for emergencies.


    Where the typical deck would be on an RTA, the Eagle just has a large empty hole. Screw your choice of deck and coil in and you’re good to go. You can still twist the knurled ring to adjust the juice flow and the recessed airflow control works the same. Top fill is the same as the Griffin 25 with 2 massive fill holes at the top.
    Adjusting the top airflow is a huge pain. There is knurling to assist you but it’s so small it’s very difficult. It seems to have a notched ball bearing that secures it into place which, while not a bad idea, makes it near impossible to move. Once I get it to move, it’s never 1 notch but usually either full open or close.


    I had my reservations about this tank but I like it a lot. The coils to me are a little pricey. However when you consider that a pair of fused claptons from a reputable builder could run you $10, 2 pre-built and wicked coils for $10 isn’t bad especially when the base is rebuildable. The flavor and vapor I get from this tank is better than I have been able to get out of my Griffin 25. That may just be me, but I think that the way the wicking is done on the Eagle it allows for more aggressive builds versus the narrow wick channels on the Griffin 25. Definitely a solid tank and worth looking into.