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    • bae S.
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    • 22/02/2017
    Absolutely stand-out RDA. As the other guy mentioned, flavour is sometimes muted, but I've found some builds with slightly restricted airflow (this has heaps of airflow) gives excellent flavour. Probably my favourite RDA, up there with Sub Zero, Mose, Kennedy of the ones I've tried.
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    • Mac H.
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    • 21/02/2017
    I have to start by saying if you want huge clouds, this RDA is a good choice. Lots of space, good airflow, room for big coils. The one thing it lacks is great flavor. Its not bad at all, just can be somewhat muted. Overall a great performer though, but geared towards cloud chasing.
  • Small a dragonless dragonpriest
    • Anton E.
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    • 24/02/2017
    I own the Tsunami 22 and the flavor is really great and airflow is smooth. The build quality was really nice and when i got it it had zero machine oil on it. I tried to put in dual juggernaut coils but all that did was block of the airflow so much i got dry hits. I would say get the 24 for big builds or the 22 for flavor.