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    The Limitless provides flavor equivalent to any RDA. It included 2 twisted coils which I installed first. They spat juice a tad more than I liked. I am not a crazy coil build person anyways. Installing a simple 26g 9 wrap coil yielded excellent results comparable to some of my favorite flavor RDAs.

    I found the grub screws to be weak when trying to secure the coils. My precision driver, that has yet to fail me on other grub screws, seemed to want to round these out. I switched to a more simple coil and had less issue but some of the grub screws still seemed more shallow than the rest and more easily stripped.

    Wicking is fairly simple and easy to execute. I cut full strips off a cotton pad for each coil. Just lightly tuck the ends down into the well. The well helps hold them, as well as the wick cutouts in the deck, while you screw the top section on.

    The wide bore top cap is way too shallow to use as a drip tip for me. I wish the stubby top cap trend would die as I don’t enjoy kissing the top of my atomizer. I installed the 510 adapter and used that as an extension to provide an extra bit a height for comfort. I’ve heard the Griffin 25 drip tip works in place of the 510 adapter but mine did not fit.
    The knurling on the top cap was also too skinny to easily adjust the airflow.

    The fill hole on the side was a feature that drew me in originally for the simplicity. However, it’s a bit narrow and barely fits a dropper tip, but does still work. The long cotton wicks also block juice flow when filling which requires the patience to wait until the juice absorbs around. Much like the Crius’ top fill, it also squeezes a bit of juice out of the sides when closing.


    I’ll definitely be keeping the Limitless around. The minor quirks like juice squeezing out of the side fill and shallow grub screws are either easily remedied or ignored. The main star for me is the vape. I get great vapor and excellent flavor on a device that is incredibly easy to build and wick. It is literally an RDA with a juice bowl on the bottom. Unfortunately IJOY just released an updated version that fixes most of my gripes, but that means you can probably snag the V1 for a steal.
    Whether you go with the v1 or v2 I doubt you’ll be disappointed.