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    As an experienced or even advanced vaper (see someone who rebuilds everything and drips at 50 watts) I am not as excited about this mod as I expected to be. It has a few shortcomings if you vape a lot, if it’s your only mod, or if you are a flavor chaser. I would like to see a cleaner method of filling, larger battery capacity, and removeable/replaceable tank. The eGrip II might not be for me but I do get it. The eGrip would be a great mod for someone starting out and I think that’s the intended customer. It’s easy to understand and they’ve tailored the coils to suit a variety of vaping styles. Joyetech added all the bells and whistles in a pretty and small package while keeping it accessible to all styles of vapers. I would recommend this mod to someone starting out, people who vape a lot less than I do, or if you just want a nice stealth mod around the office or out on the town.