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  • Small atlas
    • Harry A.
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    • 09/09/2017
    Very nice looking tank, not the best flavor thought, i found lack in vapor production and overall it often leaked, there are ways to fix it but i would personally appreciate not having to go with that from the beginning, BUT it has a nice rebuildable deck to first get in to DYI coil building but it won't satisfy the more experienced vapers in my opinion
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    It's a nice tank and it hold relatively a lot of liquid, my problem with it was the fact that it leaked a bunch and the tank itself to refill it you had to unscrew the bottom which wasn't very helpful since sometime when trying to get the atomizer off i had leaks from the tank. Also i bought the kit coming with the SuboxMini and at one point it became stuck on the mod resulting in me actually bending a pair of pliers trying to get it off and a lot of vape bars couldn't get it off either. In the end we broke the tank to get a grip with an actual full size plier to get it off and it messed with the 510 connection on my subox