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    Sigelei lost a lot of respect for how they handled criticism of the 213 -- which is unfortunate. Unfortunate for them, because the criticism was valid and fair. Unfortunate for us early adopters, because the mod didn't live up to expectations.

    That said, if you're using the 213 in power mode and don't need the full 213w, it's a decent little mod for the most part. The form factor makes it feel like a smaller mod than it is. It fits in the hand and is pleasing aesthetically. Battery life is perfectly reasonable for a two battery mod. Navigating the menu options is simple and straightforward. I've beat the crap out of my unit and it has held up very well, so I'm comfortable saying it's a durable mod.

    That said, the advertised temperature control on the device is inaccurate and it maxes out at about 155w and doesn't come close to the 213 watts that it advertises -- even with the best battery technology in 18650s on the market. It also has other, smaller quirks like random misfires and my wattage will change even when it is locked. The latter is pretty rare, but should be noted. The misfires aren't super common either, but they are often enough that it's annoying.

    Overall, if you're after a simple mod and don't need the advertised temperature control or 213 watts, this mod will work fine. However, for the money (and even less) there are much better mods out there. For what it is, the 213 is overpriced while underdelivering.