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    • John W.
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    • 02/02/2017
    Such a small device, hits like a truck on steroids! This little guy is no place for beginners! I run a Goon 22, and a Fat Daddy Vapes upgrade kit, and absolutely love It. I typically run a .4 dual clapton build and it's crazy how powerful it is! YOU SHOULD ONLY USE GENUINE HIGH AMP CELLS WITH THIS MOD! Samsung, Sony, LG, THAT'S IT. A fresh pair of cells with a .4 build pulls 21 amps, and is about 175 watts! Always check coils for shorts with an ohm meter, or even a good regulated mod. When used safely, this will easily be in your top 5 favorites!
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    The Noisy Cricket is a compact two battery series hybrid mechanical mod. Before usage, you really ought to do your research or the Noisy Cricket could turn out to be a very costly and dangerous device. Hybrid mech mods need to be handled with knowledge and care, so please do your research before picking one up.

    That said, for what it is, the Noisy Cricket is a pretty decent little device. It's super cheap, hits hard, holds up very well, is easy to take apart to service, and looks nice. My only complaint, really, is with the firing button. It's sort of janky and you have to hit it just in the right spot to get it to fire. The problem seems to be a common one as well and not limited to my unit only, unfortunately. It's not a deal breaker, especially for the price, but it should be noted.

    As for the safety aspect of it, Fat Daddy Vapes makes an aftermarket kit that you can buy that replaces the hybrid cap with a floating pin that reduces the need for a protruding 510 pin on your atomizers, making the device considerably safer (but don't let that drop your guard--you're still using a mech mod).
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    • Eliot J.
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    • 03/02/2017
    The noisy cricket - certainly can be noisy. I love the form factor of this device, it's an absolute sleeper - looks sleek and sophisticated, but when you hit that fire button it suddenly biomes raw and rowdy - with the right build in here it is going to pump out some amazing clouds and flavour.

    IMPORTANT: this is a series unregulated device, it will pump out 8.4v at full charge, so be very wary of your battery amp limits and use ohms law. Not for beginners.
    It is also a hybrid mod which means there is no 510 pin in the mod, the connection goes from the 510 pin on your atomizer straight to the positive terminal on your battery. This means you need to have a protruding 510 pin on your atomiser and do not use a tank for this device. Look up hybrid safety first.

    PROS: seriously small , I don't think they could have made this ,of any smaller for 2x18650s. Performance - obviously depends on preference and build but I run dual 24ga nichrome n80 with 3mm I.d and 13 wraps on my temple mini and it is probably the best vaping experience I have had.

    CONS: due to the placement of the switch, you can only just squeeze a 24mm rda on there, anymore than that and you won't be able to thread the switch in.
    The switch itself - my biggest con for this device, the switch seems to get very crunchy. Very fast. I usually have to clean mine every couple of days which while isn't a deal breaker i really wish they could have included a higher quality magnetic switch instead of the spring loaded plastic switch it comes with. You can get an upgrade from fat daddy vapes but to be honest the upgrade isn't much better.

    OVERALL for the price point this little pocket rocket is amazing. Just make sure you know what you are doing or it could quite literally turn in to a pocket rocket.