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    Been using this for about a week now and simply love it. Mostly just been using in series unregulated mode. Switching between all modes is very simple. There is two cons with it preventing it from being a 5 star review. First is the potentiometer is very hard to turn. The only way I was able to move mine was by using a pair of tweezers. Second negative would be the battery door is sometime a pain to close up with batteries inside. I still love the device though, and for the low price, I am considering ordering another one.
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    I've vaped for a while and ran the gamut of different devices and styles. I'm at a point where all the "bells and whistles" aren't really necessary. My first box was a OKR10 box and I wanted back into that simplicity. Then out came the NCii25.

    I have to say it fits the bill pretty well. You can use it as a mech in series or parallel but that was never really my thing. I've mostly only used mine in VV mode. It works pretty great.

    The caveats being that the 510 is a little shallow but seems to be OK 99% of the time. It seems improved over the Reuleaux devices. Also when you first put batteries in it fires at 100% the first button press. No idea why. The coating over the SS is also starting to rub away where my ring always sits against the device.

    The part that most OKR or Raptor mods miss is the battery voltage. Even fewer have a low voltage cutt off. The NCii25 has an LED light behind the button that flashes more frequently when the battery gets low. It's better than nothing but still not great. It is difficult to see outside and often I noticed the mod just not firing because the battery is low versus any indication it was low before hand.

    Either way, I am glad I picked up this mod. It holds and pockets nicely and is just simple yet functional.