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    • Devin O.
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    • 02/02/2017
    I've used a few DNA 133 dual 18650 mods, and found myself wishing I could go longer between battery swaps. I typically run pretty high mass builds, usually around 105-115 watts. Picked up the Reuleaux on sale, and I'm a huge fan. I get a full day and then some from 3000mah batteries. There's not much to be said about the chip, DNAs preform wonderfully when set up properly. The three 18650s give it some extra weight, but I like it. It's a bit wider at the base, so I don't worry too much about my cat or whatever knocking it over. Some have had problems with the 510, I have not. I picked up a handful of little plastic washers at the hardware store for about .11 a piece, and just keep one in between my mod and atty at all times. I've been using it with the Limitless Plus for a couple months now, and haven't experienced any issues. It lives half in my pocket and half on the table, and the paint is still perfect. I'm a big fan of smaller mods, and this seems smaller than my 1550p box, albeit a little heavier. Getting to be on the cheaper end of DNA mods now, too, I would definitely recommend it to friends.