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    The RX200S is the upgraded version of the popular RX200 design from Wismec. The RX200 is extremely popular and I would imagine pretty much every vaper has seen one. It has a unique diamond-ish shape due to the requirement of three 18650 batteries. The RX200S takes that same shape and design but adds a .96 inch OLED screen. The vertical screen makes it easy to see no matter which hand is dominant.

    Wismec also carried over the signature 2-tone color theme of the device with multiple colors and replaceable panels.

    The fire button has the Jaybo signature scrawl on it. Both the top and the bottom of the device is graced with the RX200 rounded triangle logo which depicts the battery orientation. The bottom has the device name and logo etched in as well.

    The RX200S is a great looking and holding device. I was apprehensive about both the style and shape, but I can definitely see why it has become so popular.


    I have to admit I never “understood” the RX200. I do get it now though. Perhaps it’s one of those things you need to experience first hand. I really like this mod and it’s probably one of those situations where I should have listened to the hype. The mod itself is nice to hold and shorter than I expected. It is not a very portable or better stated pocketable mod. However, the interface is comfortable and works very well. The build quality seems quite nice and I haven’t had any issues with atomizer errors or anything else at all. I definitely recommend adding the RX200S to your mod considerations.