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    It's very comfortable and simple, it has great taste, the vapor production is very nice, so far it hasn't leaked for me and the airflow is on the topside resulting in less of a chance in leaking also the wicking and the coil installation is very simple on it and overall i'm very satisfied with it. The only downside to it is the base is quite small resulting the need of a small plier to remove it safely without unscrewing the tank itself along
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    • Harry A.
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    • 09/09/2017
    I really love the sapor so far, i don't know were to start it has an easy to use and effective deck, can work both dual coils and single coil, simple to build, you start off with quite good wires with the pack coming with it giving you 3 and an extra tank, top airflow with next to 0 leaks and the flavor is just unreal for my standards, very nice tank the only downside you could say is that the deck base is actually quite thin which makes it sometimes hard to unscrew without taking the tank off too but i go a pleir with the tank unscrew thing and i got no issue so far. Would definitely recommend!
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    I am not blown away with the Sapor, but it is a quality atomizer. I find it’s fantastic for being out-and-about or while driving. The juice well holds enough juice to get you from point A to point B or the next light in between. I seem to always find the flavor lacking and the exhale to be dry. I enjoy the variability offered out of the box with the different sized tips and adapters. This is my first experience with Wotofo but taking into account the quality and style for the price it will not be my last.